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Pulse is the answer for developers who don't require a complex DevOps solution for their infrastructure. Instead, we cover the essentials, and do so at an affordable price.

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Keep tabs on your domains

Knowing that your sites are online is of paramount importance, which is why Pulse provides dependable site monitoring out of the box. Simply add your domain, select an alert channel, and we'll do the rest.

Pulse is flexible enough to know that sites can return HTTP codes other than 200, which is why you're free to set the code you expect. We also monitor your SSL certificates, alerting you if they need attention.

And if that wasn't enough, each site also provides a public status page that includes key metrics, as well as any recent outages. Simply share the url with anyone you wish, and they'll be able to see how it's doing.

Monitoring what matters

While many DevOps solutions include a vast array of server-based functionality that you'll probably never use, Pulse is a stripped down solution specifically designed to simplify the process.

Out of the box, we monitor your server's load, CPU, RAM, disk space, and network traffic. Beyond that, it's entirely your decision as to what you want or don't want to keep tabs on.

From the classic LAMP stack to a custom setup involving the latest technological bells and whistles, simply add the required service or bespoke monitors, update your shell script and you're away!


Organize your infrastructure

Paging through hundreds of unordered servers is no fun, even when you can perform a search. That's why Pulse includes clusters, the perfect tool to help you keep things neatly categorised.

Think of servers and clusters the same way you would think of files and folders. Simply add your servers to a cluster to organise your network. Now you need never wonder which servers support your applications.

But wait, it gets better… you can even view the status of a cluster as a whole, allowing you to keep on top of an entire application. What's more, unlike the servers themselves, clusters are free to use.

Notifications that suit you

Pulse includes a whole bunch of alerts for your infrastructure. On the site front, we'll let you know if Pulse can't access it, if it receives the wrong HTTP code, or if its certificate has, or soon will, expire.

Server alerts are considerably more powerful. Pulse allows you to set thresholds for each of your monitors, so you're informed only when you want to be e.g. when your CPU or RAM usage hits 90%.

If we stop receiving data from a server, we'll alert you about that too, giving you extra reassurance. We also take steps to group issues and limit the amount of alerts sent daily, so you don't get spammed.


History when you need it

Pulse includes up to ten days worth of logs for your servers. So, if you need them to diagnose a recurring problem that you are experiencing, or you are hoping to spot an activity trend, you can.

Further more, you won't ever require a DevOps degree to understand your data. Pulse presents each monitor as a single bar chart with red and green columns, allowing easy, at-a-glance insight into your server.

While other DevOps solutions will restrict your access to log history unless you purchase their eye-wateringly expensive plans, Pulse always provides them, regardless of the size of your infrastructure.

I love the total simplicity of Pulse's monitoring approach. I don't have to install a custom agent, or mess around with package repositories & sudo permissions. Just schedule the script with cron and you're done. It couldn't be easier!


Peter Brinck @deveo Lead Developer at Deveo

Pulse Subscription Plan

Okay, so what do I get for my money?

Unlimited server monitors Unlimited alert notifications No minimums (sites & servers) 10 days of archived server logs Email support when you need it 7 day free trial (no card required)

Affordable on any budget

Nobody likes a pricing structure that requires knowing all your needs in advance, nor having to fill in a complex and confusing form. Instead, Pulse uses a straightforward policy for its monthly pricing.

We classify each site or server that you are monitoring as a unit. When you have just a handful of units, you'll only pay a small sum. Even at scale, our rates are considerably cheaper than the alternatives.

There are no limits and no minimums, so you're free to monitor as much or as little as you need to. Every account also comes with a 7 day free trial that does not require a credit card upfront.

Right then, let's get you signed up. Don't worry, it's quick & painless, and in just a few minutes we'll be monitoring your sites and servers. Finally, you'll be able to sleep at night!

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