Simple server and site monitoring

Pulse is the answer for developers who don't require a complex DevOps solution for their Linux servers. Instead, we cover the basics, and do so at an affordable price.

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Monitoring what matters

While many DevOps solutions include a vast array of functionality that you'll probably never use, Pulse is a stripped down solution. Out of the box, we monitor your server's load, CPU & RAM, disk space, and network traffic.

Beyond that, it's your decision as to what you wish to keep tabs on. From the classic LAMP stack to a custom setup, simply add the required service or bespoke monitors, update your shell script and you're away!

Notifications that suit you

Pulse allows you to set thresholds for your server, so you're informed only when you want to be e.g. CPU usage hits 90%. In addition, Pulse groups issues together and uses daily notification limits, so you're not spammed.

Monitoring individual services or physical hardware is all well and good, but what if your entire server goes down? No problem, if we don't receive any data from your server, then we'll let you know about it!

Organize your infrastructure

Paging through hundreds of unordered servers is no fun, even when you can perform a search. That's why Pulse includes clusters, the perfect tool to help you keep things neatly categorised.

Think of servers and clusters the same way you would think of files and folders. Simply add one or more servers to a cluster to organise your infrastructure. You can even view the status of a cluster as a whole.

History when you need it

Pulse allows you to select a payment plan that includes up to ten days worth of logs. So, if you need them to diagnose a recurring problem that you are experiencing, or you want to spot an activity trend, you can.

Further more, we don't force you to attain a DevOps degree to understand your data. Instead, Pulse presents each monitor as a single green or red line chart, allowing easy, at-a-glance insight into your server.

APIs to aid your workflow

No developer-centric solution would be complete without a matching API to manage your data. That's why Pulse offers you all the tools you could ever need to automate your monitoring requirements.

Use the API to retrieve the latest data logs, or integrate Pulse into your newly-provisioned infrastructure using requests to add server profiles, create monitoring configurations and generate shell scripts.

Keep tabs on your domains

While a server can be online and all its monitors in the green, that still doesn't guarantee that your sites are actually accessible to the internet. That's why Pulse also includes site monitoring out of the box.

Simply add your domain, select a notification channel & route, and Pulse will do the rest. We'll even warn you about expiring SSL certificates. Combined with Pulse's rock-solid server monitoring, it's a match made in heaven.

I love the simplicity of Pulse's monitoring approach. I don't have to install a custom agent, or mess with package repositories & sudo permissions. Just schedule the script with cron and you're done!


Peter Brinck @peterbrinck Technical Advisor at Tokerød Plus

Affordable no matter your budget

Nobody likes a pricing structure that requires knowing all your needs in advance, nor having to fill in a form. Instead, Pulse uses a straightforward policy for its monthly SaaS pricing, allowing you to easily scale.


$ 1 / server per month

7 day trial (no card required) Unlimited server monitors Unlimited alert notifications No minimums (sites & servers) 1 day of archived logs Monitor up to 10 domains


$ 5 / server per month

7 day trial (no card required) Unlimited server monitors Unlimited alert notifications No minimums (sites & servers) 5 days of archived logs Monitor up to 30 domains



$ 10 / server per month

7 day trial (no card required) Unlimited server monitors Unlimited alert notifications No minimums (sites & servers) 10 days of archived logs Monitor up to 100 domains

Need an on-premise solution?

Sometimes, having your data, whatever it might be, sent to an external platform is simply not possible. Whether it's due to security concerns or legal regulations, we've still got your needs covered.

Get in touch with our friendly, helpful sales team, and we'll discuss a on-premise solution that meets your needs and budget. Whether you've got a handful of servers, or hundreds, we've got the answer for you.

Earn money through referrals

Pulse offers you the opportunity to earn commission by referring developers to the platform. It's a great way for us to expand our customer base, while also rewarding you for helping us to become a more successful business.

Better still, you don't have to complete a complex set of signup forms. As long as you have a Pulse account, you're all set to go. All you have to do is share your custom referral link with anyone you want to.… learn more

Right then, let's get you signed up. Don't worry, it's quick & painless, and in just a few minutes we'll be monitoring your sites and servers. Finally, you'll be able to sleep at night!