# Integrations While many of the notification options available within Pulse do not require any configuration (besides providing a route e.g. an email address or a web url), some do require further details in order to work. To learn more, review the information below. ## Nexmo (SMS) If you would like to be notified via an SMS text message, you will first need to create an account with [Nexmo](https://www.nexmo.com). Once you have an account with them, return to the Pulse dashboard, and click on the 'integrations' widget. Copy and paste your API key and secret into the relevant fields, then supply the phone number you want the notification to be sent to. The **from** phone number should either be a number you've rented from Nexmo, or failing that, the number you registered with Nexmo when creating an account. If you are opting for the latter, it is acceptable for both 'to' and 'from' to be the same. > When selecting Nexmo SMS as the alert channel for a server or site, you should leave the route blank, as the relevant details are already stored within the integration. That's all that is required in order to use Nexmo on Pulse. Hit save, and you're done. > If you have any issues receiving notifications, please first confirm that you can receive SMS messages using the [cURL snippet shown here](https://developer.nexmo.com/messaging/sms/building-blocks/send-an-sms/curl). If you require further assistance, please direct your queries to the Nexmo support team.