# Managing server profiles Once you've registered for an account, you can manage your servers by clicking the link in the site menu visible on every page. Your servers are automatically ordered by status, enabling you to quickly address any issues you might be having. ## Understanding a server's status Pulse categorizes servers based on one of four separate states. Understanding these states is critical to your usage of Pulse, so take a moment to review them: New - a server which is not being actively monitored. This is the state assigned to a newly created server monitoring profile before it has been configured and its resulting shell script installed on the physical server itself. Silent - a server which has been set up correctly, but is no longer sending data to Pulse. This may be due to a number of possibilities, which are not problematic in nature e.g. network delays. However, it could also indicate that your server is offline. Bad - a server which is set up correctly and sending data, but has data that violates one or more monitoring thresholds you have configured. Good - a server which is setup correctly and sending data which does not violate any of the monitoring thresholds you have configured.