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Controlling Pulse through APIs

Pulse provides a variety of APIs for you to manage your server profiles, clusters and logs, allowing you to integrate Pulse into your own applications or automate the monitoring process for any new infrastructure that you are provisioning.

Method of access

All of Pulse's APIs are accessed via POST requests.

Required headers

You should configure all of your requests to send an accepts json header e.g.

Accept: application/json


All of Pulse's APIs require authentication to be used. To authenticate your requests, include your account's user ID and API token as parameters e.g.


You can find these values on your account dashboard. The user ID and API token are marked by a user and key icon respectively.

Including form data

For APIs that require data to be sent e.g. server IDs, the data should be provided as regular 'form-data' key / values. Do not use raw, binary or x-www-form-urlencoded.