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Creating a site

To add a new site to your account, from the site management page, click the create button. You will then need to provide the domain name for your server (as well as a subdomain, if appropriate), as well as the channel to use when sending notifications, and finally the route for the channel e.g. an email address.

The notification system works the same way that it does for servers, so you should be right at home. If you require further assistance, please review the earlier sections of the documentation for details on the notification system.

Verifying a domain

In order to safeguard Pulse's online reputation, we require that you own any domain you wish to monitor. After you've added a domain, you will need to create a TXT DNS record, which must be set to the value listed under the 'TXT - DNS Record' field.

The host value for this record should be your subdomain, or if you're not using one, you should use the @ symbol to indicate the domain root. Here are some examples:

type host value
TXT @ 8ca1e533-49d5-497a-93f0-1d5ecd79949d
TXT www 8bfc880f-8bee-46cb-a31a-4116cd95b804
TXT staging 8cd401dc-e5e6-4c60-ad05-0b0eafd5b517

Once you've added the record, wait a few minutes for your DNS changes to filter through the internet, then click the verify button.

Most domain registrars are fairly prompt when pushing out DNS record changes to the internet, but depending on your provider, it may take up to 48 hours. Before contacting us, please wait at least 48 hours to ensure the DNS record change has been published.