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Managing sites & domains

Monitoring your web sites is incredibly easy with Pulse. To get started, click the link in the site menu visible on every page. The header contains a summary of your sites grouped by status, enabling an at-a-glance overview of your domains.

Understanding a site's status

Pulse categorizes sites based on one of five separate states. Understanding these states is critical to your usage of Pulse, so take a moment to review them:

Unverified - a site which is awaiting DNS verification and is not being monitored.

Verified - a site which has been newly verified. This is a temporary state.

Silent - a site which didn't respond, or responded with an HTTP status code that wasn't 200. This is a temporary state.

Offline - a site which is not responding, or is not returning a 200 HTTP status code.

Online - a site that is responding and returning a 200 HTTP status code.