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Handling silent servers

As mentioned earlier in the documentation, Pulse will mark a server as 'Silent' if it doesn't receive data from the server for more than ten minutes. Once this happens, Pulse will immediately notify you using the notification channel & route you have set.

Pulse will not mark a server as 'Silent' until it has first received data from it. In other words, only a server that is 'Good' or 'Bad' can be set to 'Silent'. A server that is currently set as 'New' will never be marked as silent.

Addressing any problems

Once a server has been marked as 'Silent', Pulse will stop monitoring the items you have configured in its profile until it receives new data. The beauty of this approach, is that you don't need to do anything with Pulse itself to address any problems.

Instead, simply fix the issue (if any) that prevented Pulse receiving data. Once Pulse receives new data, it will process the payload and update the status of the server to either 'Good' or 'Bad' depending on the values contained in the payload.