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Understanding site notifications

Assuming all is well, Pulse will check your domains every five minutes. If it receives no reply, or a reply without a 200 HTTP status code, Pulse will check it again one minute later. If the result is the same, you will be notified via your chosen channel / route.

As with the server monitoring component of Pulse, to address any issues, you need only fix the source of the problem on your end. When Pulse receives a 200 HTTP status code, it will automatically adjust the logged status of your site.

In the event of an issue with your site, Pulse will send out a maximum of five notifications per day, divided by at least a one hour interval.

Expiring SSL certificates

Pulse will also notify you if your site's SSL certificate has expired, or will do shortly. Since this is a singular issue, Pulse will only notify you once about your certificates. No further notifications will be sent until the certificate expiration is first addressed.

Pulse does not require your sites to use SSL in order to be monitored, however there is no justifiable reason for you not to be employing it. Particularly when services such as LetsEncrypt allow you to attain free certificates for most domains.